Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Fix A Washer That Fills and Drains At The Same Time

Having a faulty appliance in your house can be a pain, especially if you have guests at home or throwing a party. Imagine, your microwave stops working when you have invited your friends. Your routine gets affected and you get tense and tired. Therefore, it is important that you take care of your residential appliance to prevent last minute disasters.

Appliances that you use almost every day are more likely to malfunction. Your refrigerator and washer are two appliances that you use almost every day. When your washer malfunctions, it is best to get help from a washer service technician. This is because your household appliance has several parts that can only be repaired or replaced by a washer technician.

repairman near me phone number

Today, getting a washer repairman to visit your place for washer service or washer repair is easy. All you have to do is give a washer service repair company a call and within no time the washer repair person will be at your place. If you are looking for a good washer repairman near me, all you have do is type “Washer repair near me”, followed by your current residential address, in any search engine. The search engine will display details of all the service providers in your area.

Alternatively, if you plan to repair the washer without professional help, you must identify the parts that are responsible for the problem with your machine. If your washer fills and drains at the same time, here are the parts that could be responsible for the problem.

Water Intel Valve

The inlet valve of your washer is responsible for filling the washtub with hot, warm, or cold water. The working of these valves is controlled by a solenoid which is operated by the electronic control board or the timer. In some washers, the solenoid is also controlled by the pressure or water level switch.

repair man checking washing machine

If the water enters the tub during the drain cycle, it could be due to the faulty valve. To check the condition of the valve, disconnect the power supply to the machine when this symptom occurs. If the water continues to enter the tub, it means the inlet valve is defective. On the other hand, if the water stops filling, the problem could be in the switch or electronic circuit board.

Water Level Switch

automatic washing machine partsThis switch helps in detecting the correct water level in the washtub. The switch is normally found behind the washer’s control panel. The switch and the tub are usually connected by a dome tube or a hose. When certain water level is reached, the air in the dome tube will push against the diaphragm inside the water level switch. This will turn off the water supply to the tub when the desired water level is reached. If there is a problem with the tube, pressure may not be created to activate the water level switch and water may overflow from the machine.

Before you check the switch, you must check the condition of the dome hose. If it is cracked or worn out, replace it
immediately. At times, the debris inside the dome can prevent the hose from activating the switch. Remove debris from the hose and restart the machine. If your machine does not start even after you have removed the debris or you have replaced the hose, the water level switch may be defective.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

How to Fix An Oven That Won’t Program

man fixing ovenOven, stove, and range are an indispensable part of modern kitchens. They make your job in the home kitchen less cumbersome and take less time to cook your favorite dish. However, like any other home appliance even your oven or range could malfunction. Ideally, you should look for a technician that offers household oven repairs. Since repairing the oven requires high voltage test, it is best to allow oven service technician to carry out oven repairs. The oven technician will visit your house at your convenience to troubleshoot the problem with your machine. However, if you don’t plan to use the services of an oven repairman, you must know which part could be responsible for the problem with your machine.

At times, a problem in your oven can affect the programming feature of your residential appliance. Here is a quick guide to help you identify the problem part and service your machine. 

Membrane Switch and Electronic Control Board

In most modern ovens, the programming functions are controlled by the electronic control board. Usually, a problem with the keypad or the membrane switch can prevent you from selecting a program. In some machines, a separate membrane switch is used. In these machines, you may have to only replace the membrane if the keypads don’t work properly. The membrane switch is usually attached to the control board using the ribbon connector. To check the condition of the board and the membrane switch you will need a multi-meter.

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How To Fix A Dryer That Won’t Shut Off

turning on dryerMost people who have a dryer in their house undermine its importance. They consider it to be not so important home appliance because it has limited use. Only when the residential appliance stops working, they realize how difficult their life can be without it. This is especially true during rainy season and winters, when drying your dirty clothes is a pain.

When you use your dryer regularly during winters, some parts of the household appliance can malfunction. When you face such a situation, don’t PANIC! Your ideal option would be to get help from a dryer service technician. The dryer technician should offer home repairs and if possible must visit your place on the same day. The dryer repairman will be able to visit your home on the same day if you use the services of a local dryer repair company. If you are looking for a good dryer repair near me, you can get help from neighbors, friends and colleagues. You could also use the internet to get these details. Just type “Dryer repair near me” followed by your area code to get a list of companies that offer dryer service repair.

If you plan to repair your dryer without any help from a dryer repair technician, you should know the parts that are faulty. If your machine does not shut off, here are the details of some parts that could be faulty:

Door Switch

repairman with spanner looking inside the washing machineMost modern dryers have an in-built safety feature known as the door switch. This switch does not allow the appliance to work when the door is open or not closed properly. If your machine is working when the door is open, it means the door switch is faulty. The door switch is usually fixed behind the front panel of the dryer. Once you locate the switch, you can check its continuity using a multi-meter. If it has more than one terminal, make sure you check the condition of all the terminals. These tests must be performed when there is no power supply to the machine.


timer for dryerThe timer is usually attached to the control console of the dryer. The timer includes a motor that is attached to several parts of the machine. The timer regulates the working of these parts to complete the program selected by the user. If there is a problem in the timer motor or contacts, the dryer will not shut off. When the timer is defective, your only option is to replace the timer. Before replacing the part, make sure you check the condition of the timer using a multi-meter. Of course, this must be done after the machine is unplugged.

Cycling Thermostat

Dryer with Auto Dry feature use a cycling thermostat to advance the timer and regulate the temperature inside your machine. The thermostat controls the timer motor and the heat source to maintain the drum temperature. When checking its condition, make sure there is power supply to and from thermostat. This is a live voltage test and must be done under the supervision of an expert.

Cool Down Thermostat

Some machines have a cool down thermostat that tumbles the clothes with using heat. This usually happens at the end of the drying cycle. The power required to turn the tub is sent to the drive motor through the cool down thermostat. If this thermostat is faulty, it will allow the drum to rotate indefinitely. You can check the condition of the thermostat using a multi-meter, after you disconnect the power supply to the machine.

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

How To Fix Dishwasher That Won’t Clean Properly

repairman repairing dishwasherWith the advent of dishwasher, cleaning dishes has become easier and less time-consuming. Earlier, we would have to spend several hours cleaning the dirty dishes. Today, all we have to do is put our dishes in the dish washer and let the house appliance do its job. Within a short period, the dishwasher has become an indispensable part of our home. However, like any other residential appliance, even the dishwasher can develop a problem. When your dishwasher malfunctions, it is best to opt for home repairs for dishwasher. You can find details of a dishwasher technician in your area and call them to troubleshoot the problem with your household appliance. The dishwasher service technician will visit your place to repair or service the machine. If you plan to attempt the dishwasher repair yourself, make sure you are aware of the parts that could be responsible for the problem.

At times, your dishwasher may not clean the dishes properly. If you plan to repair the machine without the help of a dishwasher repairman, you should know which part could be responsible for the problem. Here is a brief guide to help you.

Discharge Housing Gasket

If the water pressure from the machine’s spray arm is low, the housing gasket of the upper discharge could be responsible for the problem. The gasket is usually located on the discharge cover just above the impeller. The housing gasket may have got dislocated or may need replacement. If the gasket is damaged and must be replaced, make sure you remove all the debris from the area before installing the new gasket.

Spray Arm

A problem with the machine’s lower spray arm could prevent the home appliance from cleaning the dishes properly. The spray arm is responsible for spraying strong stem of detergent and hot water on the dishes. Before you check the condition of the spray arm, make sure it is able to move freely and is not obstructed by the dirty dishes. At times, the bearing ring of the spray arm may be dislocated or worn out, which can cause the arm to wobble and prevent it spraying water and detergent evenly. If the bearing ring is not worn out or dislocated, you should visually inspect the spray arm for plugged holes or cracks. Food particles, glass, toothpicks, and other debris can clog the holes of the spray, which can impair the direction or force of the spray arm. If there are cracks on the spray arm, it will reduce water force and prevent the machine from cleaning the dishes properly.

Docking Station

Some dishwashers have a middle spray arm which is attached to the machine’s upper rack. In these machines, you must check the docking station and its flappers. The docking station, which has two outlets, provides water to the machine’s middle spray arm. Make sure the docking station is connected properly to the tube that supplies water to the machine. Also, make sure the flappers move freely and close securely to prevent pressure loss when the supply tube of middle spray arm is not inserted.


repairman fixing dishwasherThe dishwasher is equipped with a food chopper that is responsible for chopping the leftover food particles into small pieces so that they can be easily drained out from the washer. If the chopper isn’t fine enough or is broken, it can clog the drains. When your washer is not cleaning the dishes properly, you should check the drains. If the drain is clogged by large food particles, you must the check the condition of the chopper.




Water Inlet Valve

A part of the dishwasher that is most likely to fail and prevent the machine from cleaning the dishes properly is the water inlet valve. The valve is located near the lower access panel which is usually in the front of the machine. If water level is not maintained or the machine does not have water, you must first inspect the valve to ensure that power is supplied to the valve when water enters the machine. You can check this using the multi-meter. If there is no problem with the power supply, the valve must be replaced.

Water Delivery Tube

In machines that have upper spray arm, a problem in water delivery tube can prevent the washer from cleaning the dishes properly. The tube is usually made of plastic and it is responsible for supplying water to the upper spray arm. When checking the condition of the tube, make sure it is properly aligned with spray arm and there are no obstructions.


Most dishwashers are equipped with at least one filter to remove debris from machine during the wash cycle. These filters come with a self-cleaning feature but under detergent use or certain water conditions, it can become clogged. The filter is usually a part of the pump or wash arm assembly. If you suspect that the filter is not doing its job, you should clean the filter. If cleaning does not help, you may have to replace the filter.

Wash Spinner

The wash spinner is a wash arm that is usually on the manifold or on the water feed tube. If the spinner is dislocated or cracked, it could prevent the machine from cleaning the dishes properly.

Detergent Dispenser

water wont drainA problem with the detergent dispenser could prevent the washer from cleaning the dishes. Ideally, you must use a good quality detergent to wash the dishes. If you use tablets or gel, try switching to powered detergent because it dissolves faster. Some machines have a pre-wash compartment in their detergent cup. You could use this to add detergent to the machine. Also, it is important to use a detergent that suits the local water conditions. For instance, if you use hard water to clean the dishes, you will need more detergent to clean the dishes. However, avoid using too much detergent because it could damage the glassware.

The detergent dispenser may not be working properly because the dispenser cup could be caked or clogged with the old detergent. To troubleshoot this problem, all you have to do is clean the cup. Also, make sure detergent is released by the detergent cup during the wash cycle.

Heating Element

For the washer to clean the dishes properly, a temperature of about 142 degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained. The heating element is used by the washer to maintain the temperature of water inside the machine. It is important to note that when you select the normal wash cycle, the heating element does not play any role in heating the water. So, when you select the normal cycle, make sure the water is hot enough to clean the dishes. Avoid using very hot water to clean the dishes, as it could damage the dishes. Before you start the wash cycle, run the hot water in the sink for 5 to 10 minutes. If the temperature of water drops during the cycle, the heating element could be the culprit. Since the heating element cannot be repaired, you may have to get a replacement.

Pump Impellers

The dishwasher has two impellers – the drain impeller and the wash impeller. These impellers are located inside the dishwasher. The wash impeller is responsible for circulating water inside the machine and pressurizes the water spray arm. The drain impeller is used to drain from the machine. To check the condition of the impellers, you can visually inspect them. If the fins or hub is damaged, you may have to replace it.

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